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Tenintelligence Team Building

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A team day out doesn’t have to be about evaluating what Birkman colour you are all day, taking the leap of faith and falling backwards into someone’s arm or even building rafts. It can be a fulfilling day out of the office learning some new skills that are transferrable to your home and professional life. Having a giggle with your teammates and last and most importantly, enjoy some delicious food at the end of your day with us.

Last week we hosted the lovely team from TenIntelligence who joined us for a full day team building at Kent Cookery School. What does that involve I hear you thinking – please read the above again!

“This is our team’s second visit to the Kent Cookery School and I have to say, our high expectations of a good day were met again! James, Autumn and Pippa are excellent hosts and looked after us throughout the day from morning coffees and pastries, through to an exceptional lunch. We opted for the Middle Eastern cooking lesson this time around, and we were not disappointed! Meat, vegetarian and vegan options were met and the attention to detail and cooking instructions were clear. The end results, might I add, looked and tasted amazing. Thanks again to Chef James for his open and personable style of teaching and if you get to experience one of his lessons, ask him to turn his hob dial on to the number 7….”

Let’s talk you through the day with Neil and his team, the morning started with greeting everyone, teas and coffees and a selection of fruit and pastries for a quick breakfast before their meeting started. We left them to it in the pantry with Neil presenting to the team…whilst we were in the kitchen prepping their working lunch. A selection of freshly cooked dishes, hot smoked salmon, panko breadcrumbed chicken, pesto trophy pasta, Moroccan carrot salad, cucumber with poppy seed. All devoured quite quickly and swiftly – a well earned break from watching the team wander around the courtyard blindfolded guiding their partners from one side to the other avoiding obstacles.


After lunch is where the real fun begins! The team entered the kitchen, donned with aprons and ready to start their Middle Eastern Street Food cooking class. Usually, we pair up our guests this was no different, but the team used their personality colours to match with colleagues with opposite colours to themselves. So, the lovely Rachael, categorised as a red worker with the wonderful Liz, a ‘blue person’.

James started the class with a demo of the first dish, (prepping the dough for the flatbreads if your taste buds were wondering) and away they went – ready, steady, cook!


There was a lot of chatter, shouting out steps to each other and comparing the size of falafel balls! This team were used to working together and it showed in the class, some were already lovers of food and cooking, others didn’t have much experience in the kitchen but were willing to learn.

Our team building days out at Kent Cookery School are aimed to get colleagues involved in something which essentially is an everyday life skill, but which often gets overlooked. Our mission is to get people working together in an environment that is not relatable to their everyday job and give them knowledge, skills, or tips to take away with them.

Sometime later, some chicken shawarma, hummus, falafels, tabbouleh, and flat breads were cooked, fried, whizzed up and chopped up. All of which was tubbed up for the team to take away to enjoy at home. Thanks guys and see you soon!

Chat to Pippa – – about team building events for your team.

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