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Keep up to date with what’s have going on at the school, new class development, travel and food tips as well as seasonal recipes!

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Gozney Partnership

a stove top oven sitting inside of a car

Hello and welcome to the Kent Cookery School blog, we want to create this space as somewhere to share exciting news, new partnerships, new classes and let you in on a little bit more behind the school snippets of juicy information.

In our first ever blog we have some very exciting news we want to share with you. A brand-new partnership with a pretty impressive (and we’re not just saying that!) outdoor oven brand – Gozney. We love their simple objective – to combine wood-fired engineering and beautiful design to create products that will forever change the way we cook, connect and live.

It all started when at the beginning of summer we decided to purchase a Gozney dome for home. Firstly as a new toy but also to add a twist for friends and family who were invited over – basically make your own dinner…great idea no? It’s worked a charm by the way!

a man cooking food on a table

We fell in love with the dome and wanted to share this new cooking equipment and skills with you, our ever hungry and loyal customers so a new class has been created for the school. An introduction to making proper pizza, the ideal class for those of you who drool over perfecting the leopard like crusts of a Neapolitan pizza.

The class is based around teaching you the back to basics of pizza making, using a few key fresh ingredients, and learning the techniques of making dough, rolling, stretching, and cooking your perfect pizza in either the Gozney Dome or Roccbox.

On our trail class we had the pleasure of hosting Dave and Jack who had travelled up from Christchurch to join the class, this was invaluable! They shared some fantastic tips with us as well as with some our guinea pigs (thanks guys!)! Now firmly stuck in James’ head in preparation for the next pizza classes with you!

We are currently brainstorming some more advanced classes for the Gozney ovens so once you have perfected that perfect pizza you can move on to more advanced cooking like Sourdough pizza, wood fired cooking with fish and meat cuts.

On top of all that, they are fantastic for cooking, well just about everything to be honest, but in particular the naan breads from our Indian courses cook up in seconds!

If this has made you drool a little or intrigued you then come join us and see what all the fuss is about.

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a pizza sitting on top of a stove