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Festive Italian Treats

Quick Details

Adults Ages 18+
Adolescent Ages 15 - 17

Learn how to make delicious Italian Sweet Treats here in Ashford!

Come and learn how to create some delicious Italian festive sweet treats. The Italians know how to delight with their food and this doesn’t stop at sweet treats!

Typically, we all think of gelato when we think of Italy, but they have so many other little treats to offer. You’ll learn how to make a Tiramisu, a coffee lover’s dream dessert, thought to have originated from Treviso. The famous Cannoli from Sicily are found all over the island and eaten at any time of the day. Plus make a Biscotti, thought to have originated from Tuscany however stories go that they were made for the Romans, the second bake in the oven drew out the moisture making their shelf life longer and perfect for the soldiers on long journeys.

Take home all your creations with you at the end of the class!