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Moroccan Flavours To Go

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Join us for a taste of Morocco here in Ashford!

New for 2023! A brand-new cuisine and well-anticipated class that we are excited to bring you. Morocco is a country full of smells, noises, and tastes, especially in the souks of Marrakech.

Join us and learn how to cook up a Moroccan feast using a mixture of flavours in some traditional dishes found all over Morocco. From the iconic Khobz bread, unmissable on the streets of Morocco, baked daily and sold on every street corner. Try yourself a simply delicious tagine accompanied by of course none other than a Cous Cous. So good, they named it twice!

Perfect for trying something new at home, at a dinner party, or just expanding your knowledge. Tub up and takeaway everything you make to enjoy at home.

Sample dishes include:

  • Khobz Bread
  • Tagine
  • Cous Cous