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Tex Mex

Quick Details

Adults Ages 18+

Join us in this Texas and Mexico cooking class here in Ashford!

Combine the Latin flavours of Mexico with the Texas love of big flavours in their meat and you have a winning cuisine.

We want to bring you our favourite Tex-Mex dishes full of colour and flavour because we think this cuisine is worth celebrating!

Learn some fantastic full-flavoured party dishes perfect for alfresco dining or a Mexican-themed dinner party.

This course runs through the summer months so we can make the most of grilling if the weather allows.

From delicious crunchy Tacos with all of the garnishes needed to elevate this popular street food dish, crunchy pickled onions, pineapple salsa and fresh guacamole we will create a delicious selection of Tacos to enjoy, as well as a selection of delicious Quesadillas, stuffed Jalapenos, Tostadas and Toasted Corn.

Not suitable for Vegetarians, or Lactose intolerant.